Some other good friend from Rachel’s are Monica, her friend because they had been 6

Within their high school decades, it’s showed that Rachel is actually a greatest supporter having good string regarding boyfriends, while you are Monica is actually this lady reduced attractive, over weight best friend. They destroyed get in touch with for a while, but turned close again when Rachel jilted Barry in advance of the marriage and you can decided to move around in that have Monica. It’s revealed that Monica didn’t anticipate to getting best friends which have Rachel again, given that throughout an effective flashback occurrence, set soon just before Rachel’s and you can Barry’s wedding, Monica and Rachel enjoys a spin run into, causing Monica remarking: “$10 claims I’ll most likely never observe that woman again inside my lifetime.”

During the time it resided with her flirthookup, the two coexist for the relative equilibrium, despite Rachel being alternatively a greedy roommate. This causes stress between the two, including during the “The only Making use of the Wedding dresses” where Monica displays the lady outrage just like the Rachel’s meaningful avoidance of performing the dishes, knowing Monica’s compulsive character could make her carry out him or her. This will be furthered whenever Monica/Rachel and you can Joey/Chandler switch accommodations. Rachel is actually distraught from the death of this lady “girl’s apartment” and you can several times complains even after Monica’s attempts to make flat a beneficial sweet destination to real time. But really, also this lady distaste of the the latest flat cannot build their would anything to boost the problem.

Despite this type of tensions, both display screen a true affinity for each and every most other. Given that Monica says to Phoebe, Rachel provides nice nothing quirks, instance foldable straight back the web pages in catalogues away from anything she believes Monica want. She actually leaves texts on echo whenever Monica takes a shower, and lets Monica use the woman hundred or so-together with sets away from footwear. Rachel and you will Monica had for the really as the roommates compared to the Phoebe and you may Monica while the Phoebe couldn’t stand Monica’s brush structured implies. The way of life disease survived towards the earliest five year till Chandler gone for the with Monica during Seasons six. Rachel’s venturing out received the two girls so you can tears.

The assumption is Monica gets the woman aunt-in-law when it are hinted by Joey on the spin-of one Rachel marries Ross.

[edit] Phoebe [ ]

Rachel’s most other closest friend. Phoebe basic found Rachel regarding airplane pilot episode when Rachel leaves Barry and you may involves accept Monica.

Its dating mirrors that of siblings

Inside a season 5 occurrence “The main one On the Kips”, Phoebe and you can Rachel imagine performing a new gang of members of the family which have Joey once Emily (Ross’s newest partner) requires you to Ross will not pick Rachel any further. Rachel claims “We are able to start a different sort of classification, you and me, we are an educated of them,” that Phoebe reacts “Okay. But why don’t we try to get Joey.” It never ever happened as the Ross could not go without seeing Rachel plus the group stayed as it try.

Out of seasons 6-seven, Rachel and you will Phoebe stayed with her after Chandler gone towards Monica’s flat. Into the “One Where Ross Schedules A student”, Phoebe and you may Rachel’s apartment grabs flame, resulting in Phoebe so you’re able to temporarily live with Monica and Rachel to call home that have Joey. Later on, within the “The one toward Getaway Armadillo”, this new apartment is restricted and Phoebe and you may Rachel intend to disperse straight back nevertheless the resolve really works remaining these with just one bedroom, therefore Phoebe lifestyle indeed there by yourself when you are Rachel stays managing Joey.

From inside the an early occurrence, Phoebe and you can Rachel go to get tattoos along with her. In the event Rachel looks like providing a heart tattooed for her hip, Phoebe does not get the suggested lily (for her mom) on her shoulder given that she ‘didn’t see they did it which have needles’. Rachel attempted to encourage this lady to discover the tattoo, nevertheless artist barely handled this lady into the needle just before she went regarding screaming. She presently has a beneficial ‘blue freckle’ hence she claims are ‘the world once the (her) mom notices they away from heaven’.