In the Philippine Revolution of 1896-1898, all the names of the towns in Cavite were filipinized, thus, the name of Naic was changed to “Maguagi”.

Furthermore, five events significant to the revolution took place in Naic. These were as follows:

1. The designing of the first official flag of the country which took place in Sulok, Naic, Cavite (the present Velamart).

2. The creation of the Naic Military Agreement, a document by which Andres Bonifacio sought to assert his authority as leader of the Philippine revolutionary government in defiance of Emilio Aguinaldo’s government initiated in Tejeros (Casa Hacienda de Naic).

3. The appointment of the first cabinet ministers including the Departments of Interior, Justice, Finance, and Defence (Casa Hacienda de Naic).

4. The Battle of Timalan where the Filipino revolutionists won overwhelmingly against the Spanish troops (Timalan, Naic Cavite).

5. The Battle of Naic where Aguinaldo declared the town to be his last defense (Poblation) (Medina, 1996, de Achutegui, 1972; Aguinaldo, 1964; T.A. Agoncillo, 1963).

Source: and Naic Trends

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